University Policy Committee Charge

The University Policy Committee is a standing committee comprised of representatives from each major administrative division. The committee is charged with the following:

  • Ensuring that policies are aligned with institutional mission, goals, and priorities
  • Ensuring that regular policy development, review, and revision is taking place within each division
  • Ensuring a broad-based and comprehensive review of new policy drafts and policy revisions
  • Coordinating the policy approval process per the Policy Development Policy
  • Fostering university-wide communication regarding policy
  • Fostering a university-wide culture accountability and compliance with established policy

Each committee member is responsible for facilitating the development, revision, review, and communication of policies within his or her division. 

University Policy Committee Roster for 2017/18

rebekahn [at] (Rebekah Desai), Director of University Risk & Compliance – Committee Chair

cristinb [at] (Cristina Bordin), representative for the Office of the President

lanceh [at] (Lance Hayes), representative for Office of the Executive Vice President

carmenj [at] (Carmen Johnson), representative for Finance & Administration

ellencm [at] (Dr. Ellen C. Melton), representative for Faculty

mollym [at] (Molly Minus), representative for Academic Affairs

isalazar [at] (Izzy Salazar), representative for Finance & Administration

cherih [at] (Cheri Sullivan), representative for Advancement

toms [at] (Tom Sullivan), representative for Student Affairs

asvoboda [at] (Angela Svoboda), representative for Information Technology

peterjw [at] (Father Peter Walsh), representative for the Office of the President