Wondering if living on campus is right for you? Look no further: The articles below provide the important facts and information on housing you need to make the best, most informed decision. 

Virtual Tour of a Residence Hall

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Residence Halls

View the spacious rooms, common areas, amenities and conveniences that each campus residence offers you.

Unfiltered: Living on Campus

Unfiltered: Living on Campus

If you're curious about the benefits of living on campus, Resident Assistant Tony Morin ’21 goes in-depth on what makes living on the hilltop special. 

RA's love living on campus

Why RAs Love Living on Campus

Unsure about whether living on campus is the way to go? The folks who know campus the best — our resident assistants — share their advice. 

Housing Sign-Up Is Open

Find Your Perfect Residence Hall

There are so many great places to live on campus. How do you make the best choice for you? Hear from students about what makes their residence hall special to them.

Campus Tour

9 Smart Reasons to Live on Campus

Convenience, community and connection are just a few of the benefits and advantages you’ll enjoy as a hilltop resident. And there’s plenty more to know about! See our full list.

How to Live Large in a Small Space

How to Live Large in a Small Space

Have you ever wondered how to make your dorm room the perfect space for you? We have a few tips and suggestions that will help you create a great on-campus living space. 

5 Tips for Making Your Res Hall Room Your Own

5 Tips for Making Your Res Hall Room Your Own

Lauren Louk ’21 offers several suggestions for the most fun part of move-in: decorating your new room! Due to the pandemic, sharing a room is not in the cards for this year, but Louk’s tips are still helpful now and throughout college. Take a look!

Please note: Students are required to live on campus for 2 years, unless they live with a parent or legal guardian (within a 20-mile driving distance from the St. Edward’s University campus).