Full Board Review Meetings

During a Full Board meeting, all voting IRB members discuss pending research proposals that may pose greater-than-minimal risk to participants. Projects requiring Full Board Review need to be submitted two weeks before the monthly committee meeting, usually occurring on the last Friday of every month. See below for specific meeting dates.

Submission Deadlines

Proposals that likely require a Full Board Review must be submitted through the SEU IRB Portal at least fourteen (14) days in advance of a meeting date. Missing this deadline will lead to delays in your approval process.

IRB Full Board Meeting Dates For 2022-23 Academic Year:

September 30
(Submission deadline: September 16)

October 28
(Submission deadline: October 14)

December 2
(Submission deadline: November 18)

January 27
(Submission deadline: January 13)

February 24
(Submission deadline: February 10)

March 31
(Submission deadline: March 17)

April 28
(Submission deadline: April 14)

Additional Information

  • If you find yourself unsure whether or not your project will require Full Board Review, contact IRB@stedwards.edu and we can help you make that determination. You may also wish to review the FAQ, General subsection, for more information.
  • Research proposals that are not likely to require Full Board Review may be submitted any time during the school year. These Exempt or Expedited proposals are assigned to a smaller review team and usually have a faster turnaround time.
  • The Full Board does not convene during the summer months. Requests for Exemption are sometimes processed between June-August, depending on faculty availability. Let the IRB Administrator know before May 15 at IRB@stedwards.edu if you will need summer review for your research proposal.

IRB Administrative Team Contact Information

Lisa Holleran, PhD
IRB Chair

Shelbee NguyenVoges, PhD
IRB Vice Chair

Alison Carpenter
IRB Administrator
Holy Cross Hall 106: Office of Sponsored Programs

IRB Members

Lisa Holleran, Chair of SEU IRB
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Shelbee Nguyen VogesVice Chair of SEU IRB
Associate Professor of Education

Camelia Rotaru
Professor of Finance

Lauren Mitchell
Lecturer of Chemistry

Yundong Huang
Assistant Professor of Management

Megan Ringel
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Paul Walter
Associate Professor of Physics

Angela Ju
Assistant Professor of Global Studies & Political Science

Mary Brantl
Associate Professor of Art History

Molly Minus
Director of McNair Scholar Program & Professor of Education

Emily Bernate
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Michelle Burd
External Member


Parent Institution/Organization: IORG0008223 (expires 02/11/2025)
IRB00009859 - St. Edward's University IRB #1 - IRB Committee

Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) - #00027924 expires 9/15/2025