Application Forms and Templates

If you are unsure about what forms you need, please visit our Step-By-Step Guide For Researchers which provides detail about the purpose of each required form. 

We highly recommend the use of the templates/samples provided at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that submitting the appropriate materials will make the review process more efficient and help to avoid a delay in your approval.

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IRB Online Submission Portal 
Use this portal to begin the approval process once all of your proposal forms are in order.

IRB Application & Request Forms

IRB Application for Expedited or Full Board Review (.docx) This form is required for proposals with a minimal to greater risk to participants. Please use this form if your research involves any the following:

  • plans to collect and/or retain private or personally-identifiable information from participants
  • involvement of sensitive populations (such as minors, pregnant women, incarcerated persons, or persons with diminished decision-making capacity).
  • distressing subject matter, beyond what participants might experience in an average day

The researcher will need to provide extensive details about the project. Note that several additional documents will be required during the submission process.

IRB Application for Research Exemption (online form). The research must meet one of the eight federally designated Exemption types (Charts 2-10). Note that additional documents are required, at least the CITI certificates for all researchers and faculty advisor(s). Required documentation can be uploaded at the bottom of the application.

IRB Request for Exemption of Classroom Projects (.docx). This form is for faculty members intending to assign human participant research projects in class. Please review this document first: Classroom Projects Guidance for Faculty (.pdf)

IRB Unanticipated Problem Reporting (.pdf). Any unanticipated problems involving Risk/Harm to Subjects or Others must be reported to in writing via this form within 5 business days of the occurrence.

IRB Application for Revisions or Continuing Review (online form). When an approved research study needs changes to its research protocols or team members, use this form to request revision approval. Or, when an IRB Full Board-approved study will extend beyond one year, use this form to request permission to continue. If a continuation is needed, the researcher must submit this form at least 14 days in advance of the study end date. The SEU IRB no longer requires Continuing Review for Exempt or Expedited proposals.

IRB Study Closure (.docx) For IRB-approved projects—Expedited or Full Board Review—that are approved beyond the one year expiration date. The principal investigator must submit this form when the study ends.

IRB Application for Reciprocity Approval (.docx). If you are an SEU Investigator/Researcher and your project has IRB approval from another institution, you can apply for IRB Approval by Reciprocity. If you are a researcher from another institution, you must have an SEU Co-Investigator before approval will be granted. Along with this form, please also submit to

  • CITI training certificate(s) from all PIs [and faculty advisors, if applicable]
  • the original application to the IRB of Record
  • the approval letter from the IRB of Record
  • any consent/assent forms
  • copies of all measures that will be administered
  • all recruitment documents

Non-SEU Investigator / IRB Request to Recruit SEU Students - If you are a non-SEU Investigator/Researcher, please use this form to request permission to recruit St. Edward's University participants for your research project.

Templates and Logos

Please determine which templates below are necessary for your project. Edit as needed to reflect your project details.

Letter of Invitation to Participate in Online Survey (.docx)

Letter of Invitation to Participate in Written Survey (.docx)

Consent Form for Adults (.docx)

Assent Form for Minors (.docx)

Consent Form for Guardian of a Minor (.docx)

Consent Form for Students in a Classroom Project (.docx)

Release of Audio-Visual Recordings (.docx)

St. Edward's Logos (webpage)

Additional Resources

IRB Submission Checklist The researcher can use this checklist to ensure materials are complete and ready for submission.