ROTC programs

St. Edward’s crosstown agreements are in place with both the UT Austin Army ROTC department and the UT Austin Airforce ROTC department. We assist students at any stage in either ROTC program. Please contact us, we’re happy to advise.

Federal Tuition Assistance

Any student who plans to use any form of DOD Tuition Assistance must coordinate with and receive approval from their Educational Officer, per their military branch, prior to enrolling in any St. Edward’s coursework in which the student intends to use DOD Tuition Assistance funding.

St Edward’s invoices DOD for any tuition assistance funding that appears, per student military member, in either the Army Ignited system or the Air Force AI portal as approved. Both the Army Ignited system and the Air Force AI portal allow us to invoice only after the student’s military Education Officer has approved as well as DOD. St. Edward’s can’t request DOD tuition assistance funding for coursework that has not been specifically approved by a DOD Education Officer.

Army students will have their Tuition Assistance facilitated through Army Ignited

Air Force students will have their Tuition Assistance facilitated through the AI Portal