Think of asides as callouts: They can be either vertical or horizontal, and they should contain content that you want to stand out.

Use an aside to:

  • Drive to content within but outside of the pageset navigation (such as a News Center article).
  • Draw attention to specific content users shouldn’t miss.

Do not use an aside if the content logically fits with the rest of the on-page content.

Tips for asides:

  • Keep them short. Content for asides (particularly vertical) should be no more than one or two sentences.
  • Use a photo. An image help asides stand out!
  • Check on mobile view (especially with vertical asides). Asides stack in mobile, so be sure that the content is appearing in a logical order.

How to Add Asides

Aside Option 1

This is an example of a vertical aside with an image.

This aside style will automatically align to the right side of the page.

Aside Option 3

This is an example of a vertical aside without an image.

If you do not add an image to your aside the aside will automatically display as a horizontal aside.