The Office of Human Resources provides learning opportunities that allow employees to identify and access the knowledge and skills they need to achieve the university’s strategic vision.

Employee Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program, sponsored by the Office of the President, is offered to St. Edward’s University employees who wish to grow professionally and personally through a mentor-mentee relationship. Participation in the program spans one academic year, from September to May.

  • Increase personal fulfillment
  • Promote professional development
  • Enhance culture of mutual respect, generosity, and sense of community
  • Deepen the university’s mission in our commitment to one another

Mentors share invaluable guidance, expertise, and experience through one-on-one mentoring relationships. They receive special group training to help them develop and refine their mentoring skills and experience a rich broadening of perspective.

A mentee is a receiver, trainee, learner or individual who seeks knowledge and support from a mentor. It is important that mentees be receptive to feedback and be enthusiastic about personal and professional growth. 

While the Mentoring Program can help fulfill personal development and career goals, please know that:

  • The Mentoring Program has no direct bearing on job security, promotions, or raises.
  • Mentors have no involvement with their mentees’ supervisors.
  • The mentor-mentee relationship is confidential and no information is shared unless both partners agree.
  • Mentors are good listeners, ask questions, propose alternative perspectives on issues and make appropriate referrals, but they are not employee advocates or intercessors.


The Office of Human Resources offers many opportunities for employees and supervisors to learn or development new skills.

St. Edward’s University is fully committed to fostering and engaging our greatest institutional asset – our employees. This program – which has the full support of the president and senior leadership – is one of the many ways in which we strive to be an employer of choice and to promote the continuous development of our employees.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Fulmer at or 512-448-8542.

Matching Mentors to Mentees

Mentors are matched to mentee applicants based on compatibility of goals, experiences, personalities, and interests. Every effort is made to match each mentee applicant with a mentor; however, participation in the program may be limited.

Mentors and Mentees Meet

  • One-on-One Meetings: Although mentor-mentee pairs will determine the frequency and nature of their meetings, it is recommended they meet at least once per month during the academic year.
  • Group Meetings: Two or three events will be hosted each academic year so that all mentor-mentee pairs can meet together as a group. The purpose of these gatherings is to promote community and to complement the one-on-one relationships with substantive presentations on professional and personal development. During the first group meeting, a facilitator will assist each mentor-mentee pair in drafting a relationship agreement that establishes the “rules of the road” (e.g. frequency of meetings, types of contact and confidentiality). The pairs will schedule their meetings for the academic year. The final event is a graduation ceremony with presentations by program participants and a closing celebration.