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Expand Your Worldview from the Hilltop

At St. Edwards, we seek to enrich your academic and cultural environment by facilitating the exchange of people and ideas.  We seek to inspire in each member of the St. Edward’s community an expanded awareness, appreciation, understanding, and knowledge of the diversity and interconnectedness of the world's peoples and cultures.

Why study abroad?

You grow.

A Day in Angers, France

A Day in Angers, France

Check out @stedwardsu's Instagram highlight to see what it's like to study abroad in Angers, France!

Our students say they think more critically about their personal values, and that studying abroad opened up new opportunities for their future.  And by keeping institutional, state and federal aid, going abroad is possible for everyone. 

You adapt.

Our students perform well while abroad, are more likely to graduate on time, and become a more versatile learner, inside and outside of the classroom.  Because academic credit transfers back to fulfill degree plans, students can experience their studies through a new lens. 

You stand out.

Our students develop the skills that employers look for during their time abroad, increase their network on a global scale, and increase their intercultural awareness. Our students show drive and resourcefulness, and continue to benefit from their time abroad in their careers.

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