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"If leadership requires a fired-up sense of purpose and imagination, it also demands a profound connection to the society to be led." — George Takei

Whether you are new to campus or are looking for a different perspective, we'll help you connect with communities that share your experience and honor your story. Each year, St. Edward's hosts several traditions and opportunities that embrace inclusivity, diversity, social justice and community empowerment.


From identity-based organizations like Black Student Association, PRIDE and Latino Student Leader Organization to groups dedicated to specific causes in the world like the It's On Us Campaign or Amnesty International, our campus has over 100 groups where you can find your home.

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The Mahogany Project performers with Multicultural Leadership Board


Mentoring is a relationship that, when consciously grounded in learning, is beneficial for both the mentor and mentee. This experience is about supporting growth and development, fostering community engagement, and encouraging each party to make the most of their time at St. Edward’s.

Multicultural Leadership Board

Multicultural Leadership Board is a chartered student organization that plans and hosts campus events that seek to create dialogue, celebrate our histories, and bring communities together.

The Multicultural Leadership Board consists of the:

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Communication
  • Asian American Awareness Events Coordinator
  • Black Awareness Events Coordinator
  • Latino Awareness Events Coordinator
  • LGBTQ Awareness Events Coordinator
  • Women's Awareness Events
  • Social Justice Events Coordinator 
The Multicultural Leadershup Board marches in the Austin MLK Celebration

Each year, the Multicultural Leadership Board recruits interns to help with event staffing, program planning, and social justice and diversity training. Interns are selected at the beginning of each academic year. 

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Additional Opportunities

Have an idea for a campus event and need financial support? Interested in attending a conference and want to get a group together?

The Inclusive Excellence Grant might be your solution. Each year, students can apply for funding through the Inclusive Excellence Grant to help increase our campus knowledge on issues related to diversity, community empowerment, social justice and anti-oppression opportunities.  

Eid and Yom Kippur Dinner

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