Health communication professionals use strategies to inform and improve personal and public behaviors and community health practices.

As a Health Communication minor, you'll study audiences and their behaviors related to health practices to determine the format and frequency of messaging.

Students with an education in health communication can find employment in public relations, advertising, patient education, health administration, social media, healthcare policy and advocacy, community health, and other related fields.

Minor Requirements: 18 Hours

Required Courses (6 hours required)

COMM 3308 Introduction to Health Communication

COMM 4383 Applied Health Communication

Electives (12 hours required; at least 3 hours must be +3000)

COMM 2312 Interpersonal Communication

COMM 2322 Nonverbal Communication

COMM 2326 Persuasion

COMM 2327 Organizational Communication

COMM 2357 Active Listening

COMM 3309 Social Media for Public Relations

COMM 3339 Teams, Collaboration and Community

COMM 3344 Intercultural Communication

COMM 3345 Native American and Chican@x Communication

COMM 3346 Family Communication

COMM 3372 Sports Communication

COMM 3374 The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication

COMM 4326 Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations

COMM 4350 Internship (in Health Communication)

COMM 4356 Lying and Deception

COMM 4390 Special Topics in Health Communication

PSYC 2301 General Psychology

PSYC 2307 Adolescent Psychology

SOCI 1301 Self and Society

SOCI 2318 Social Welfare: Historic Response to Need

KINE 2344 Concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness