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In the Bachelor of Arts in Photocommunications program at St. Edward's University, students take on an intensive study of photography and related media.

Core classes provide a foundation for competency in multiple areas, including still black and white and color photography, video, digital imaging, studio applications and photography history. You'll investigate the role of photography, video and computer-generated images in today's society. A central theme is to increase awareness of visual images and the many different messages they encode.

Students engage in experiential learning with hands-on projects and lab work. Professional training and visual literacy are important for students who pursue careers in the field. In order to best prepare students to work in a professional capacity, the Photocommunications program begins students with traditional imaging in order to help them master film-based photography in a wet darkroom. When competency in this area is achieved, then students can learn digital imaging. Students will learn the conceptual and technical skills needed to succeed.

Students are also able to focus on a variety of different elective topics, providing them with an increased professional capacity.

Past electives have included:
  • Installation Strategies
  • Urban Visions
  • Exploring Contemporary Photography
  • Photo Flatness History/Practice
  • Documentary
  • Digital Darkroom
  • Editorial Photography
  • Alternative Processes
  • Photographic Book Design​


The goal of the Photocommunications program is to prepare students for a successful transition to careers working as photographers and to position students as competitive candidates for admission to top tier graduate programs. 

The school-to-work transition is supported through the required Senior Seminar, Senior Exhibition and Portfolio, and Internship courses.

Outside the Classroom

Photo Lab

The Photocommunications department is located in the new state-of-the-art photo lab facility. Small, medium and large format cameras, plus flashes, tripods and other equipment are available for students to check-out throughout the semester.

Art Gallery

There is also an art gallery in the facility where photography and art exhibits are held throughout the academic year. Senior Photocommunications majors hang the annual Senior Exhibit in this space, and faculty exhibit their work in the biennial Photocommunications Faculty Exhibition.

Photo Society

The Photo Society at St. Edward’s is a student organization serving the extracurricular interests of Photography students at the university and the Photocommunications department. Fall Orientation pizza parties welcome new students. All faculty, staff and current students participate in this event, sharing experiences from summer workshops, study abroad and internships.

The Photo Society also holds several other events each year, including:
  • Product demonstrations by major camera equipment manufacturers to allow students to see current equipment and try out various cameras and accessories.
  • Portfolio Viewing Nights when faculty in the program show their portfolios and discuss projects
  • Studio Night when students tour the studios of local photographers
  • Off-campus student exhibitions
  • End-of-semester parties
  • Visiting artists

About the Minor

Courses can support any other academic program, and students majoring in other fields are welcome to minor in Photocommunications courses. In addition, several courses may be taken as electives by non-majors.

Requirements for a Minor in Photocommunications Required Courses:
  • Visual Studies
  • Photography I
  • Photography II
  • Intermediate Digital Imaging
  • History of Photography​

Three elective courses are also selected.

Elective courses students can choose from include:
  • Styles and Themes
  • Digital Color
  • Video Production
  • Large Camera
  • Studio
  • Digital Projects
  • Digital Darkroom
  • Internship
  • Senior Topics ​

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