Broaden your worldview

At St. Edward’s, we believe that a global perspective is imperative for a 21st century education. With economic interdependence expanding and cross-cultural influences pervading everything from music to technology to commerce, it’s more important than ever to understand what’s happening in the world today and the effect it will have tomorrow.

Students at St. Edward’s live and learn in an environment that reflects the evolving global community. In the process, they are challenged to clarify their personal values, recognize their responsibility to others and find new ways to serve.
Whether you study in Austin or in countries around the world, a global perspective will permeate your education at St. Edward’s. You’ll benefit from internationally focused curriculum, study abroad opportunities, guest lecturers and fellow students from more than 50 countries. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared — academically, intellectually and culturally — to thrive in the dynamic global community.

Benefit from an Education with a Global Perspective

In the Classroom

All students at St. Edward’s benefit from classmates and professors who speak multiple languages, come from other countries and have traveled around the world. Watch a student speak about her experiences, including a video-conferencing class simultaneously taught in Austin and in Angers, France. Hear how she’s gaining a global perspective on the hilltop.

On Campus

The Kozmetsky Center at St. Edward’s initiates and expands dialogue about global issues. The center brings international experts to Austin to lecture and teach about a range of topics, from environmental activism in developing countries to the rise of the Muslim middle class to worldwide peace and security for women. Learn about the international campus at St. Edward’s.

Programs Abroad

As part of her final Capstone project in Global Entrepreneurship, MBA student Shannon Hoge traveled to France to provide business and marketing consulting to the Chateau Duvall winery, a family-owned business that has been producing popular wines for more than 500 years. Discover hundreds of opportunities to study abroad.