For questions about social media or to register your account, please contact the Marketing Office.

St. Edward’s uses social media to create awareness and interact with our core audiences.

The use of social media is quickly evolving, and having a presence on the right channel is important. This guide gives direction for the use of social media accounts at St. Edward’s.

Official Social Media Channels

St. Edward's has a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. The official university accounts stand as the primary social brand channels and endorse all other social media accounts such as schools, offices and brand extensions.

Social Media Accounts

Account Name: St. Edward’s University


Twitter: @stedwardsu

Instagram: @stedwardsu

YouTube: @stedwardsu


TikTok: @stedwardsu

Please email us for questions regarding official St. Edward's University social media accounts.

Twitter page

University-related Accounts

Starting an Account

Before you start an account for your group, it's important to ask preliminary questions:

  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • Do the administrators have time to post?
  • Do you have enough content to generate at least a month’s worth of regular posts?

Regular and timely updates help build community without overloading your audience with too much information. Keep in mind that dead or inactive accounts do not support the university. Accounts that are dormant for six months or longer should be deleted.

Take advantage of sharing and collaborating across university accounts. Instead of creating an account for one event allow other university accounts to share your message.


You’ll need two or three administrators for every social media channel. Having multiple owners or administrators at all times for every social media channel ensures the application can continue to thrive and be updated regularly, even if one of the existing administrators changes jobs or leaves the university. This is a requirement in the university’s social media policy.

After the channels are set up, please contact us. Each social media account must comply with our guidelines to be added to the university's social media directory.


Make it easy for people to find you. Use the university’s full name, St. Edward’s University (or SEU if space is limited) before the name of your department in the official naming of your social media account. Casual names such as St. Ed’s or St. Edward’s (without University) are not consistent with our brand guidelines and should be avoided. You can find more information on naming in the Editorial Style guide.

Social Media Tips

Design Guidelines

Official university-related accounts must adhere to on-brand, consistent design of the official university account. All social media avatars and graphics should present a consistent visual identity of our university brand.


The steeple mark from the St. Edward's logo represents social media avatars across all channels. The steeple mark can only be separated from the logo for social media icon usage and app icon usage. The small sizes of these graphic areas require an icon representation and therefore only in these instances can the steeple mark alone be used.

University-related accounts must use the brand avatar created for your area of focus. Avatars use the same steeple mark from the official university account and the font treatment from the respective lockup logo. Please reach out to request your official avatar for your department or organization. 

Cover Images

Cover images may be chosen by individual stakeholders. We recommend choosing an image that tells the story of your school, office or student group. Campaign or event promotion with minimal text is acceptable.

General images of the university and campus life can be downloaded from the University Photo Collection. It is mandatory to make sure you have the legal rights to use an image.

Account Naming

Your account name and handles should be easy to understand and adhere to the standards outlined in the Editorial Style guide


Account name: St. Edward’s University School of Arts and Humanities

Facebook web address:

Twitter and Instagram:
@SEUHumanities or @SEUArtsHum


Account name: St. Edward’s University Alumni Association

Facebook web address:

Twitter and Instagram:
@SEUAlumni or @SEU_Alumni


Account name: St. Edward’s University Office of Information Technology

Facebook web address:

Twitter and Instagram: