Our design components coincide with university brand colors, fonts, identities and communication style. They also give the brand a pop of personality and can act as useful graphic markers to call attention to important points of information.

Graphic Elements

Our graphic elements are used to call attention to small pieces of information, such as a stat, infographic, profile name or CTA. They can also add visual interest to a design. But their usage should be limited to one to two elements at a time (such as on a brochure spread).


  • In combination with stats
  • In conjunction with headers and CTAs
  • To highlight important elements
  • As visual markers of interest
St. Edward's graphic elements

Graphic Elements set

Examples of graphic elements in use

Examples of graphic elements in use


Our icon style represents the core St. Edward's brand. No other icon style should be used. Review the examples and guidelines carefully before using the files. If you have questions or are in need of additional icons, please reach out to us.


Icons filled (full-color)


Icons filled (1-color)


Icons line (with graphic element added)

Examples of icons in use

Examples of icons in use


Icons should be used in a purposeful manner to maximize comprehension when calling attention to important pieces of information. When using icons in your materials, please keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid using icons solely for decoration or visual interest as it detracts from their intention elsewhere.
  • Consider the surrounding context of the icons. If icons are cluttered and not spaced appropriately, it can lead to more visual noise and confusion.
  • When creating materials, it's important to have a balanced mix of photography and iconography.
  • Icons should always be used at a smaller size. This is particularly important when creating digital materials that will be viewed on a mobile device.
  • If you use icons outside of what is provided or created by the Marketing Office (such as from a stock website), please ensure they align with our iconography style. If you're unsure, please reach out to check if your icons meet brand standards. St. Edward's icons should:
    • Feature thin strokes and outlines
    • Use a simple/clean vs. a more realistic style
    • Keep colors to a minimum

Display Font Treatments

Landmark Inline is only licensed to the Marketing Office at this time, however, font treatments have been created for campus wide use. Read through the guidelines on Landmark carefully, and if you're in need of a specific Landmark font treatment, please request it from the Marketing Office

Landmark treatments

Examples of Landmark treatments in use.

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Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files are vector files to share with vendors, for use in printing promotional items, swag, etc. These require a design program to open them, such as Adobe Illustrator.