The St. Edward's University logo is the highest representation of our brand. It should act as the most consistent and primary component in our communications.

Lockup logos, type treatments and brand extensions and marks must appear to be endorsed by the primary logo and should not appear alone. The logo should be used as often as possible and should always be treated with reverence as the face of our brand. It should never be recreated or typeset. Only official logo files should be used in communications. 

Primary Usage

The following color pairings for the logo should be used most often in communication pieces:

St. Edward's University blue logo on a white background

Blue logo on white

St. Edward's University reverse logo on a blue background

Reverse logo on Sorin

St. Edward's University reverse logo on a blue background

Reverse logo on St. Ed's Blue

St. Edward's University blue logo on a gold background

Blue logo on St. Ed's Gold

Secondary Usage

Other approved versions of the logo can be used for instances that require them.

Two-Color Logo

In traditional applications, the two-color logo can be used. In most cases, the two-color logo should not be used in digital applications. 

St. Edward's University 2-color logo on white

Two-color logo

St. Edward's University 2-color logo with tagline on white

Two-color logo with tagline

Grayscale Logo

In instances that restrict color, such as grayscale printing, the black-only or reverse logo can be used. 

St. Edward's University logo in black only

Black only logo

St. Edward's University reverse logo in black only

Reverse logo

Vertical Logo

The vertical logo should be used in a limited capacity (such as in instances of being centered in a square format or used in a layout that will not accommodate the horizontal orientation legibly, such as on vertical signage). The same guidelines used for the horizontal orientation of the primary logo apply to the vertical orientation.

St. Edward's University vertical logo

Vertical logo

St. Edward's University vertical logo with tagline

Vertical logo with tagline

Logo Specifications

The primary logo is comprised of the steeple mark, custom word mark and registered trademark. The steeple mark and word mark should always be used together. The steeple mark can only be used by itself as an avatar in digital applications, such as on social media and for university-approved apps (see size guidance below).

The St. Edward’s University logo is a registered trademark. To protect this trademark, the logo must always include the ® symbol. The ® should never be moved or altered in the logo.

The typeface used for the primary logo is custom and should never be replaced or modified. Logo files should never be recreated or typeset. Only official logo files should be used in communications.

Elements of the St. Edward's University logo


To maintain legibility, never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1.75 inches (for print) or 168 pixels (for screens). The vertical logo should not have a width smaller than 1.25 inches (for print) or 120 pixels (for screens). All versions of the logo should always be scaled proportionally.

There is no maximum size limit but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the most dominant element on the page but should act as an important anchor of a piece and immediately identify our brand.

Primary logo showing minimum sizing of 1.75 inches or 168 pixels
minimum size tagline logo
minimum size vertical logo

Logo Avatar

The St. Ed's logo avatar is used solely for small-space applications, such as social media and app icons. These are created to ensure legibility on a small scale.

Groups across campus can request a logo avatar. To establish brand uniformity, St. Edward's affiliated social media accounts should use the logo avatar as opposed to a custom graphic.

Examples of the logo avatar in use on social media

Do not:

  • Create your own assets or separate the steeple in the logo for any reason.
  • Use the logo avatar in any other application besides social media or apps. The graphic should not be used as a stand-alone logo. Departments, schools and groups should use their Core Identity Logo Lockup instead.

Clear Space

At a minimum, the clear space around the logo should be equal to the height of the upper-case “D” in “St. Edward’s” to maintain legibility and prominence. In addition, other logos should not be placed right next to the St. Edward's logo, possibly giving the appearance of a partnership when one does not exist.

clear space primary logo
clear space tagline logo
clear space vertical logo

Improper Usage

The following violations of the logo negatively affect the integrity of the St. Edward’s brand. Please reach out with questions if you’re unsure if you’re using the logo correctly.

Improper use of the St. Edward's logo in Bluebonnet
Improper use of the St. Edward's logo in Peacock
Improper use of the St. Edward's logo in Continental
Improper use of the St. Edward's logo in Red Doors
Improper use of the St. Edward's logo in Gold Medallion
Improper use of the St. Edward's logo in St. Ed's Gold

The reverse logo should not be used on backgrounds from the secondary palette, or the golds from the primary palette

incorrect usage primary logo 1

Do always use logo colors as specified.
Don’t modify logo colors, even if it means simply reversing them.

incorrect usage primary logo 2

Do always keep the elements of the logo together.
Don’t separate the steeple mark from the word mark or scale one independently of the other.

incorrect usage primary logo 3

Do always use the logo as specified.
Don’t modify the logo in any way.

incorrect usage primary logo 4

Do always ensure that the logo is legible over its background. Use the reversed version of the logo when necessary.
Don’t place non-reverse versions of the logo over a dark background.

incorrect usage primary logo 5

Do always scale the logo proportionally.
Don’t stretch or otherwise modify the logo in scale.

incorrect usage primary logo 6

Do always use logo word mark as specified.
Don’t reset the type in the logo for any reason.

incorrect usage logo tagline 1

Do always use the tagline color as specified — the color should match the word mark.
Don’t modify lockup colors for any reason.

incorrect usage logo tagline 2

Do always use the tagline lockup as specified.
Don’t scale the elements of the lockup independently, including the registered symbol.

incorrect usage logo tagline 3

Do always use the tagline lockup as specified.
Don’t use the tagline without the primary logo or make modifications, such as the font.

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*Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) files are vector files to share with vendors, for use in printing promotional items, swag, etc. These require a design program to open them, such as Adobe Illustrator.