Student organizations are encouraged to be creative in designing apparel, posters and other promotional items for their organizations.

Students should review and refer to The Student Organization Manual, which outlines specific guidelines and processes for student organizations. The following guidelines should be reviewed and followed prior to starting a design. All materials should be reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Involvement prior to production (please use the Apparel approval form in Collegiate Link in Forms under Campus Links). 

St. Edward's University logos and identities are integral to the overall university brand and should be used correctly and appropriately. Many of these are also trademarked or registered — guidance is provided regarding their usage and should be reviewed prior to creation or production.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your designs and creations accurately represent your organization and St. Edward's University.

Do's and Don'ts


DO read and follow all brand guidelinesStudents should review the Style Guide and follow guidance for logos, color, typography and design components. Student designs can be creative but should follow these guidelines as much as possible. Athletics has a separate style guide and should be consulted for any usage of Athletic marks. The Topper identity is an Athletics mark and should not be used for student organization apparel or collateral. 

DO consider hierarchy in your design. The main university brand should be dominant (our name, logo) as opposed to other marks on a piece.

DO seek guidance for your design when in doubt. Feel free to send questions or your design to us. We'll be happy to review your artwork and answer any questions you have.

DO regularly communicate with the Office of Student Involvement when developing your materials. Make sure you are an approved student organization and follow the guidelines in the Student Organization Manual.

DO include your student organization name. Refrain from using "SEU" as it does not have strong brand recognition off-campus and conflicts with other universities with the same acronym. 

DO create accurate illustrations. Student groups may create original artwork that conveys the spirit of their organization and the university. Organizations should not recreate trademarked university marks such as the logo, Topper identity or the university seal. Illustrations must represent the likeness accurately, such as Sorin Oak or Main Building, for example. If you have questions or would like your design reviewed, please reach out to us.

DO only use graphics that are approved. The following graphics are approved for student organization use.

Student organizations CAN use the following:

University Logo

Recognized student organizations can use the university logo on their materials. All logo guidelines should be properly followed. Do not alter logos in any way. When using the university logo on a piece with the student organization name, do not place the organization name in such close proximity to the logo that it appears to be one unit/graphic.

The name "St. Edward's University" can be typeset but should follow our typography guidelines. The name should be "St. Edward's University," "St. Edward's" or "St. Ed's."

St. Edward's University blue logo on a white background

Red Doors

Student groups can use the illustrated outline of the red doors in multi-color, red or white/reverse versions. Representation of the Red Doors should be in these treatments and above all in red versus any other color.

Red Doors

Live Well SEU Identity

The Live Well SEU identity can be used to represent the university-wide initiative of health, wellness and wellbeing. This identity should not be the dominant or prominent mark on the piece and should be secondary and smaller than the St. Edward's University name or logo.

Live Well SEU identity

Student organizations CAN use the following WITH APPROVAL:

Spirit Marks

Spirit Mark
Approved student organizations can use the Topper spirit mark. Organizations not currently granted permission to use the mark must request approval. The spirit mark is used to promote school spirit, and should not be used in other capacities that are not in accordance with brand guidelines.

Hoof Print
The hoof print graphic is reserved for use by Campus Recreation. In certain instances, it can be used by student organizations with Athletics' approval. The hoof print should only be used in blue, black or white/reverse.

Spirit marks


DON'T create designs that violate copyright or licensing laws. Designs also should not be libelous in nature or contain profanity, derogatory comments or images, innuendo, lewd language or suggestive graphics.

DON'T confuse hierarchy when using marks, names and graphic elements. Graphic elements (for example, the Red Doors or a created illustration of Sorin Oak) should not be dominant over the St. Edward's University logo or name. The university or student group name, or other artwork, should not be set next to the graphic to create the appearance of a logo. The student organization name must be the most prominent component on the piece (by placing it on top of and in a larger font than the university name).

DON'T use graphics that are not approved. The following graphics are not approved for student organization use.

Student organizations CANNOT use the following:

Topper Identity
The Topper identity is used for official athletic programs and should not be used by student organizations. This identity should never be used in place of the university logo in any academic or university promotional application. Use of the Topper identity requires permission from Athletics.

Retired Athletic Identities
Retired athletic identities or other created or sourced goat imagery should not be used.

STE Identity
The STE identity is used for official athletic programs and should not be used by student organizations. This identity should never be used in place of the university logo in any academic or university promotional application.

University Seal
The university seal should not be used by student organizations. It is reserved for specific uses such as commencement and other formal academic ceremony materials, materials produced for the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees and official documents such as diplomas and transcripts.

Student organizations should not use the Topper identity
Student organizations should not use retired goat marks
Student organizations should not use the STE mark
Seal should not be used by student organizations