We are St. Edward's University. Our identity derives from our history and continues its strength and relevance through not only consistent visual properties but how we communicate about our brand.

University Name Guidance

Consistent use of how we refer to ourselves across audiences, channels, materials and communications strengthens our brand recognition and identity. How our name is used is part of our brand strategy and varies based on audience and use case. Wondering how to refer to our university — St. Edward's, St. Ed's, SEU — in different use cases? Read through guidance and see examples of how to use our name based on circumstances and audiences.


The brand should be used effectively across different mediums and channels. Its usage should be cohesive and appropriate for the intended end product, including print and digital properties. A few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Consider all elements and expressions of the brand across mediums — color, identity, photography, messaging, typography, products, motion, print, etc.
  • Consider mail/production costs and timing as well as cross-promotion such as QR codes, landing pages, CTAs and accompanying web articles
  • To stand out, evaluate the use unexpected forms and paper
  • Tap into creativity when thinking about the message — does it need to be print, or could this exist as something digital (low production, high value)?
  • Evaluate reuse — will the end product be evergreen, have extended shelf life across multiple projects? Are there assets that already exist that could be repurposed?
  • Measure ROI and data — will the effort put in balance what's gained for return, and align with strategic plan and revenue goals?
Examples of the St. Edward's brand used across different mediums

Visuals examples of the brand being used across different mediums