We are St. Edward's University. Our name is an important definition of our brand.

Consistent use of how we refer to ourselves across audiences, channels, materials and communications strengthens our brand recognition and identity. How our name is used is part of our brand strategy and varies based on audience and use case.

University Name Guidance

The following provides guidance on when to use our full name, shortened versions of our name, or our acronym:

  • St. Edward's University — Use in formal communications, such as academic works, news releases, presentations and any communications that introduce the university for the first time.
  • St. Edward's — Use this shortened name after the first reference of "St. Edward's University" in formal communications. 
  • St. Ed's — Use when communicating to external audiences, when brand awareness is lower.
  • SEU — Use when communicating to internal audiences, when brand awareness is higher.  
  • Hilltop and Hilltoppers — Our campus is known as the hilltop, always spelled in lowercase in a sentence. Members of the St. Ed’s community can be referred to as Hilltoppers, always spelled with the “H” in uppercase. Example: More than 1,000 Hilltoppers live on the hilltop.
Name Description Audience Use Examples
St. Edward's University Our full name should be used on the first reference when the university is being introduced to an audience for the first time. External
  • Materials/communications for prospective students (should be used on the first reference)
  • Formal communications
  • News and press releases
  • Academic works
St. Edward's On second reference, our name can be shortened to St. Edward's and used throughout a piece. External
  • On second references
St. Ed's Current students, alumni, faculty and staff affectionately refer to our university as St. Ed's. This shortened name should also be used as a branding tool when reaching out to prospective students and families. St. Ed's should be weaved into copy, visuals, etc. for pieces. External and internal
  • Materials/communications for current and prospective students
  • On the website
  • On social media
  • In email
SEU Current students, faculty and staff refer to the university as SEU. Athletic programs also use SEU prominently. This acronym should be used only for internal communication to students, faculty and staff. Internal
  • Shirts, banners and other promotional items geared towards current students
  • Internal programs such as Athletics and LiveWellSEU
Hilltoppers Members of the campus community can be referred to as Hilltoppers, (always spelled with the “H” in uppercase). This phrase can be used for current and prospective students ("Join your fellow 
Hilltoppers" or "Become a Hilltopper").
External and internal
  • Materials/communications for current and prospective students
  • On the website
  • On social media
  • In email

Registered Trademarks

The legal name of the university (St. Edward’s University), Take on your world.®, Topper and all related registered trademarks are the property of St. Edward’s University. Any trademark which identifies or is associated with St. Edward’s University may not be used without prior expressed written permission from the Marketing Office.

The registered trademark symbol — ® — is used with the St. Edward’s University logo and the tagline: Take on your world. It is not used when referring to the university name in text. When the university logo and tagline are presented together, the ® symbol is used only with the tagline. The ® symbol is also used with the Topper logo, but not when referring to Topper in text.