Call To Action (or CTAs) are colorful buttons designed to provoke an immediate response or click.

CTAs are often used to highlight action-based links, e.g. "Apply Now," "Register Now," and "Schedule a Visit".

In order to be effective as a design element and conversion driver, the CTA should be used sparingly.

What Does a Call to Action Button Look Like?


How to Create a Call to Action Button


1. While logged into the website, navigate to the page you want to edit.

2. Click New Draft or Edit Draft.

3. Scroll down to the location where you want to add the CTA and click the blue plus [+] symbol, then choose CTA from the menu

4. Once in the editing interface, highlight the text that needs to be added or changed as a link.

5. Click the 'Link' icon from the editing menu bar.

6. Paste the url of the link in the 'URL' box.

7. Click 'OK' to to save your changes.

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Draft', 'Submit for Review' or 'Publish'.