How to add images to your web pages

  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to edit.
  3. Click "New Draft" or "Edit Draft".
  4. Once in the editing interface, click on the block where the image should be added.
  5. Click the 'Media Browser' icon from the editing menu bar.
  6. Click 'Choose File' and select the desired image (1MB or less) from your computer.
  7. Click 'Upload'.
  8. Change the Media Folder select to your department from the dropdown menu.
  9. Click 'Next'.

Images are an essential part of modern web design. They convey important visual information to users and make pages more engaging and interesting. Don't forget to use alt tags, an accessible, text alternative for your image for search engines, and users who browse our site with screen readers. Each image should be no more than 1MB in size.

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