Tables allow web editors to arrange data into rows and columns neatly.

Tables should only be used for tabular data, which allows users to make visual associations between cell content and row or column headers.

Tables should never be used for layout. Use our new layout system instead!


What Does a Table Look Like?

And what kind of content should a table be used to display?

Country Capital Language
India New Delhi Hindi
France Paris French
New Zealand Wellington English

How to add a table to your webpage

1. While logged into the website, navigate to the page you want to edit.

2. Click New Draft or Edit Draft.

3. Once in the editing interface, determine where you want the table inserted on the page.

4. Click the blue plus [+] symbol, then choose TEXT

5. In the WYSIWYG content editor, click the TABLE icon

6. Choose how many rows and columns you would like your table to have and where you would like your headers to be