Templates are provided to assist in creating materials, presentations, correspondence and more in one unified look for all touchpoints across the university. 

Presentation Templates

It's important to represent the university with a unified look, particularly when presenting to outside parties. Download the PowerPoint template or Google Slides template (both are available in widescreen format) to use in your presentations across campus and outside the university. Please keep in mind that in order to use the Google Slides template properly you must go to File then select Make a copy. If you're in need of imagery for your presentation, don't forget to browse the available University Photo Library


Because St. Edward’s University is one brand, there is one correct format for the official letterhead, email signatures, envelope and business cards to be used across all core academic identities, brand extensions and official university business. When used consistently, our brand is undiluted and presents professionalism.

To place orders for university stationery, envelopes and business cards with FedEx, log in to myHilltop and go to “Order Stationery & Business Cards.”

Email Signatures 

Adding an email signature is the perfect opportunity to display your professionalism by making your contact information clear and accessible to the people you send emails to. It is important that everyone in our community use the same fonts and style to convey our university brand. Email signatures should use the alternative fonts for general communication, like Adobe Garamond and Helvetica LT Std. 



Email signature violation example

Letterhead Formatting Guidelines

Core academic identity names should be presented in Adobe Garamond 12 pt and brand extension identity names should be presented in Helvetica LT Std Black and Light Condensed 10 pt. Body copy should be presented in Helvetica LT Std Light 11 pt. All overprinting should be set in black.

Download digital versions of the letterhead (for screen use only):
Digital letterhead color  |  Digital letterhead black and white

Business cards

Business Card and Envelope Formatting Guidelines

Business Cards
Names should be presented in Helvetica LT Std Bold 8 pt. Titles and contact information should be presented in Helvetica LT Std Light 7 pt. All overprinting should be set in black. Phone numbers should be formatted with periods, such as 512.555.5555.

The entire return address should be presented in Helvetica LT Std Light 8 pt, set in black.


Social Media Avatar 

All social media avatars adhere to the same template, which follows the Social Media Design Guidelines and are available for offices, schools and brand extention identities to use. Download your area's avatar or request one from the Marketing Office.

art and humanities

Example of an avatar for schools

Health and counseling center

Example of an avatar for offices

alumni association

Example of an avatar for brand extention identities

Additional Templates

Are you in need of a template not provided here? Reach out to us with suggestions. We're always looking to improve and increase our resources for university partners.